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Invest in America's New Payment Network and Marketplace App.* 

Review our Investor Preview Deck below. Offering to invest is shared in meeting.
Accredited Investors (US Citizens only) that love Freedom, Liberty, our Constitution, Free Market Capitalism, Conservative values and God and are interested to invest $50,000+ set up meeting here.*

*Investment offering is only to accredited investors and made under US SEC Capital Raise Exemptions Reg D 506(C)/(B)

If you love America, Freedom, Liberty, our Constitution under God,
don't miss out on investing in the USA Pay Network!

Proof of Demand & Future $200M-$20B+ valuation for USA Pay Network in 2-4 years.

Public Sq. just went public and now has public valuation near $200M and full use of this cash for growing company.
Public Sq. went from concept to Public Company in less than 30-months from concept.
Public Sq. has currently only a online/mobile directory of 55K merchants and 1M customers (Summer 2023).
Public Sq. has plans to launch Shopify like app in Fall-2023 to compete directly with Amazon e-commerce marketplace.

We have a core team capable of executing our plans to go to market in the next year.

The need for our product is absolutely necessary to avoid mass Gov fascism.

Interested investors, set a meeting. We have only shared but a glimpse here.

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