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Welcome to the future of Free Commerce. We are building America's 5th, next-gen, payment network to power America's emerging Free/Parallel Economy.

We're building a Fintech "Super App" where users may store funds in our currency like in a conventional bank account, in gift cards and more ways. Shoppers will earn 2-20% cash, gift or USA Pay Coin rewards when shopping at USA Pay Stores. Real-time retail, online, P2P, B2B and bill payments will be secured by 2-4 factor authentication from our digital wallet.

Our USA Pay currency will not trade on crypto exchanges. Our pay network and wallet will be linked to the banking system and retail point of sale, yet also independent thereof.

USA Pay stands for Freedom, Liberty, our Constitution and Free Market Capitalism, under God.

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Freedom   Security   Savings
          Conservative Values
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We're building a new payment network, a Modern Fintech app with P2P, B2B and bill payments and a Marketplace Rewards app to support businesses with Conservative values, that love Freedom and Liberty.

If our government rolls out a CBDC and attempts to use it to control your money and your Freedom, on the USA Pay Network you'll still be able to buy & sell, send & recieve USA Coins to spend at any store in our network and go about living life freely.

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Our digital wallet or card will enable users to securely and simply pay like today over our network or existing card networks.

We will offer USA Coins good at any USA Pay Network store.


Merchants will save on payment processing costs when customers pay by USA Coins or Gift Cards vs. credit cards.

Our Marketplace App will CONNECT

shoppers to USA Pay Stores.

Shoppers will earn 2-20% cash or USA Coins back and instantly redeem discount offers.

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Users will soon be able to pay in store or online using a USA Pay Card linked to Digital Wallet in our app to pay by USA Coins, virtual gift, debit or credit card. USA Pay stands for Freedom, Liberty, our Constitution and Free Market Capitalism, under God.

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